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HSM-2 Premium connection

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   HSM-2 is a threaded and coupled connection with extra gas tightness properties、 excellent structural strength and improved resistance to bending and compression, designed to withstand toughest well conditions,especially suitable for highly deviated and long horizontal wells applications。
size range:  2-3/8″~13-3/8 ″


 Threaded and coupled connection
(1) Threaded and coupled connection, coupling critical cross sections greater than those of the pipe body, Joint efficiency is more than 100%;
 Hooked thread design
(1) Negative angle on load flank prevents the possibility of thread jump-out, provides excellent resistance to tensile loads and bending while maintaining gas tightness.
(2)Positive angle on stabbing flank provides for easy stabbing, minimizing the chance of cross-threading while maximizing the chance of a quick, trouble-free run.
(3)Reduced stabbing flank gaps and optimized stabbing flank angle in combination with the thicker negative torque shoulder provides high resistance to compression.
(4)Box and pin different thread height design, clearance between the pin thread crest and box thread root avoids the trapping of compound inside the threads.
 Tapered metal-to-metal seal
(1)Tapered metal-to-metal seal was optimized to provides lower contact pressure peaks but higher average contact pressure in combination with longer seal contact length,ensure excellent gas tightness even under the most severe combined loads.
(2)Minimizing the risk of seal galling,Seal integrity not affected by multiple trips. 
 Reverse Angle Torque Shoulder
(1)Robust internal torque shoulder provides positive stop controls position for multiple make-ups and improves compressive、torsional resistance.
(2)The wedge effect created by the reverse angle and thread load flank gives the connection superior structural strength and maintain seal contact under high tensile load。
(3)HSM-2 connection can bear connection tensile load capacity minimum 100%& connection compression load capacity minimum 60% of the pipe body for casing;
HSM-2 connection can bear connection tensile load capacity minimum 100%& connection compression load capacity minimum 100% of the pipe body for tubing.
 Internal flush design
   streamlined internal connection profile gives an excellent match between pin bore and coupling centre bore, turbulence、pressure losses and corrosion are reduced to a minimum.
Excellent gas-tight sealing under combined loads.
Excellent resistance to tensile, compression, bending and overtorquing
Excellent resistance to galling
Intermediate casing
Production casing and tie-backs
Production tubing and workstrings
Horizontal and extended reach wells
Thermal wells
HP/HT and deep wells

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